Wholesale and Institutional Investors

Ashton Rowe specialise in providing wholesale and institutional investors with transaction opportunities offering superior risk adjusted returns.

Investment FAQ

  • To invest with Ashton Rowe, you must first register your interest and we will contact you to arrange a face to face meeting.
  • New investments are offered to existing shareholders first. The balance is offered to new investors.
  • Core and Core Plus Funds; $100,000 and multiples of $10,000 thereafter.
  • Opportunistic Funds; $250,000 and multiples of 50,000 thereafter.
Depending on your investment criteria and risk appetite; Ashton Rowe offers fixed returns with varied interest rates and or profit share.
  • Core and Core Plus Funds; 7 year term.
  • Opportunistic Funds; This is a project Specific fund where the investment term is aligned to the development timing. Ashton Rowe’s average time for a development is 24 months.
  • Core and Core Plus Funds; Monthly withdrawals (conditions apply)
  • Opportunistic Funds; Generally, no. Invested funds will be fully committed for the duration of the investment term.
  • Core and Core Plus Funds; Interest is payable monthly in arrears. Principal is paid at maturity.
  • Opportunistic Funds; Interest and Principal are payable at project completion.
Yes. It is important however to have permission from the trustee.

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